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Hunter Hayes at Germain Arena

PHOTO GALLERY: Hunter Hayes: We're Not Invisible Tour

Photos by Mike Gilbert (CCM+E) and Ajda Muhamedagic (North Fort Myers High School)

On Saturday May 31st Germain Arena played host to Hunter Hayes, Danielle Bradbery, and Dan + Shay, the musical acts of the “We're Not Invisible Tour.” Estero was the final destination of the tour. Prior to the doors opening the weather had turned for the worse and a mini hurricane seemed to have hit Germain Arena, but this did not stop some of the fans from braving the wind and rain. The line grew despite the rain, and the doors to the Arena finally opened to loud cheers from the crowd.

The first performance of the night was the country duo Dan + Shay. As the lights dimmed, the crowd roared and Dan + Shay did not waste any time getting the crowd to move. People could be seen dancing or swaying back and forth to the beat of the songs. The performance continued and Dan + Shay asked the crowd to take their phones out and sway them. Despite the fact that Dan + Shay were the first to perform, the crowd was eager to participate. The Arena lit up with lights from phones and a few lighters.

The second performance of the night was Danielle Bradbery, the winner of the show “The Voice” season 4. The audience's excitement for Danielle was evident. During the intermission between performances, Dan + Shay's banner dropped and revealed Danielle Bradbery's banner, the crowd gave a very loud and excited roar. The audience was ready to see another performance. Finally, the lights dimmed and the show began. Danielle came out from the side of the stage and the crowd greeted her with a roar. She gave the audience a huge smile and waved at audience members. Throughout her performance Danielle kept the connection between her and the crowd by waving at individuals in the crowd. This connection could be seen when Danielle sang her single, “ Heart of Dixie.” The crowd stood up and sang along with Danielle. This left Danielle with probably the biggest smile that she had given during her performance.

Once Danielle's performance was over the audience's anticipation grew. The crowd in the general admission area and the crowd in the stands were starting to get jittery. The excitement seemed to grow ten fold as an advertisement for Child Hunger showed Hunter Hayes speaking to the audience. Just as the anticipation seemed to have reached an all time high, the lights finally dimmed and in unison every single person in the arena stood up. The screams of the crowd were deafening and the stands shook as some fans stomped their feet in excitement. The man of the hour had finally come on stage and the crowd was going crazy. As Hunter went straight into his first song the crowd mirrored his energy. They screamed, sang and professed their love for Hunter. Throughout the performance Hunter was a firecracker. During one of the intermissions between songs he happily stated, “This is the last night of the tour. Anything can happen!” Hunter definitely showed that as he ran around the arena and into the crowd. He even took it upon himself to take a selfie with the phone that belonged to a younger fan.

Despite the fact that it was pouring prior to the concert, the Hunter Hayes fans did not allow this to stop them from seeing one of their favorite people and after witnessing the concert it is easy to say that braving the mini hurricane was well worth it.

Mary Castro, FGCU Journalism Intern reporting for Clear Channel Media | 5.30.2014


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